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E-Newsletters and Electronic Promotion Strategies

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E-Newsletters - a Necessary Part of Any Electronic Marketing Campaign

E-Newsletters are effective marketing vehicles that help generate leads, increase sales, attract new customers and represent a company as an authority in its field. Whether text-only or full-fledged html e-newsletters including pictures, graphs, links and more, they provide business owners a cost-effective way to convey multiple messages to their target audience. Another advantage is that e-newsletters can uploaded to a "news" area of your company's website for a general informatuion area your customers will appreciate. Tagged with that newsletter's main topics, they give your audience a bank of information about your company, and offer the latest news in their industry. Potential clients can link also link to that newsletter through social marketing networks such as Facebook and Twitter, quickly expanding the number of views your e-newsletter receives - and your bottom line.

E-newsletters also offer a high level of measurability and cost-effectiveness. It is now possible to know exactly how many people actually open an e-newsletter - as well as what links were selected, what pictures were enlarged, and how long that person spent reading it. You can also automatically resend to all those who did not read it the first time. These elements could never be measured with conventional, printed newsletters sent through the mail

Let e-newsletters help you get your marketing message to those who want it.

Read All About It. Without all the "Extras."

E-Newsletters are quickly gaining acceptance to business owners and consumers alike largely to their effectivess and ability to track information.
Statistics can then be analyzed to maximize your follow-up approaches. It is now easy to contact your targets based on the specific interests they registered by clicking on certain links.

A campaign's results can be quickly analyzed to hone your marketing
programs to a clean, smooth, razor-sharp edge....for a fraction of the cost.

Consumers who subscribe to email newsletters generate 34.25% more product sales.
t us show you how to use the latest technologies to properly develop an e-newsletter campaign.

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